Card Grading with PSA

Card Grading is the best and only way to ensure that HIT stays pack fresh. Not only does grading encase the card for protection it is also does exactly that, grade the card!

PSA, based in the United States is the industry leader when it comes to card grading. They not only do sports cards but also grade non-sports and memorabilia. Once graded your card or item will be given a grade out of 10.

We at Bounty Breaks send our cards for grading with the team at Slabd.

Slabd take the hassle out of the entire process, plus we know where our cards are every step of the way. 

Slabd offer a submission service for grading. You submit your cards to Slabd, and they’ll manage the logistics around getting them safely to PSA in the United States for grading and then delivered back to you.   Slabd provide the Australian collector with a simple, secure, transparent and fully insured service.  

 The submission process is easy:

  1. Place your order online.

  2. Deliver your cards to Slabd (by post or in person)

  3. Receive your cards back graded by PSA.

So whether you want to protect those prized possessions or to increase the value of your investments Grading with PSA and Slabd is highly recommended

For more information head to the Slabd website.