THE GOAT HUNT ** 2 Pack Lot **

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Chase the GOAT!

This is a 2 pack lot from a sealed hobby box.

This is a Open Live product. Your order will opened live during one of our Live Shows

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Configuration: 36 packs/15 cards per back

** Chase the Michael Jordan SP **

 One of the most famous cards in 1991 Upper Deck Baseball doesn't feature a baseball player, at least he wasn't one at the time. The Michael Jordan SP1 features the basketball Hall of Famer taking a cut in batting practice with the Chicago White Sox. It caused quite the frenzy when it came out and was treated like a trophy among those who got one.

The set includes a total of 800 cards. The first 700 are considered the Low Series. Numbers 701-800 make up the High Series, which was released later in the season.

1991 Upper Deck Baseball has a couple of key rookie cards. They're led by Chipper Jones and Jeff Bagwell, two of the greatest hitters of their generation. Others include Mike Mussina and Luis Gonzalez.

1991 Upper Deck Baseball Low Series packs dared collectors to "Find the Nolan." Career highlights of the pitching great were spotlighted on nine Baseball Heroes inserts. The final card also had an autographed version that's limited to 2,500 copies. 

Join the Hunt and take home the Bounty Reward!