Bounty Breaks SuperFractor Jackpot

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Whats the Bounty Breaks SuperFractor Jackpot?

The Bounty Breaks Super Fractor Jackpot is a jackpot prize for the Live Show gifting store credit to the value of the jackpot amount. The Jackpot amount is shown on screen during every live show

The Jackpot starts at $50 and increases $10 each break until the Jackpot is won or reaches $500. Once $500 is reached it will stay at that amount until won. The Jackpot once won will reset to $50 for the next Live Show

The Jackpot amount can only be won once during a Live Show

What do I have to do to win the Jackpot?

The Bounty Breaks SuperFractor Jackpot is available on any open live product opened during the Live Show. It could be from a break, or a personal product. The Jackpot is awarded to the person that finds a SuperFractor  Parallel card stamped or printed with 1 of 1. 

For example

You purchase a random team spot in a group break and randomly draw the Yankees. From the break that you purchased your spot in, if we pull a SuperFractor Parallel card 1of1 and the players team is the Yankees you win the card and the Jackpot amount.

If you purchase a personal box and that product contains a SuperFractor Parallel card 1of1, you win the jackpot. 

To win the Jackpot the card must be a SuperFractor Parallel card 1of1. 

How do I claim my prize if I win?

If you are successful in winning The Jackpot we will reach out to you via email or social media. 

The Jackpot amount can be used to purchase sealed product, including packs and boxes. The Jackpot amount cannot be used for break spots. Products opened live that was purchased using Jackpot winnings are exclude from winning further prizes.

If you have any questions feel free to reach us on our socials or email at