Pre Sale Terms & Conditions

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Pre Sale Terms & Conditions

An item listed as Pre Sale is an item that isnt stocked in our warehouse and is due to arrive at a date specified on the product. Pre sale items are at a limited stock and usually at a cheaper price. 

Pre-ordered items will ship when we receive them at our warehouse. We do not hold orders to ship multiple pre-ordered items together. We may hold orders containing pre-ordered items WITH packs or supplies until the item is live. If you require your packs and/or supply orders to ship immediately, please order these items separately and do not combine with pre-order products.

At Bounty Breaks we offer limited stock on releases to customers at a discount. This Presale pricing is something we do to have collectors get the products they love and save some money. We can't offer a large amount of stock at cheaper prices, so it is always limited. Being that stock is limited we want to ensure that collectors that will open boxes for personal enjoyment get an opportunity to get presale products.

Bounty Breaks reserves the right to cancel any order containing a pre sale product if we identify it will be on sold to make an immediate profit through either group breaks, online raffles or any other means.

All orders will be refunded immediately in the form that the order was placed.