Group Break FAQ's

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What is a Break?

A break is where people share a set amount of sealed product(s) whether it be boxes, cases or packs. The cards are divided up by team, player or some other method. A break consists of a set amount of sealed product(s) (boxes, packs or even cases) opened live. 

What do you Break? 

We break a certain range of products at differing price points. 

When do you Break?

We break live weekly every Wednesday and Friday evening 8:30pm AEST via our Facebook Page or our YouTube Channel 

Are all the Breaks the same? 

No, we offer different style of breaks.

Pick Your Team: a PYT break is great for team or player collectors. The cost of the teams are different and will be determined by the product checklist and the Hit list

Random: An exciting break as you have the chance to hit a great team at a great price. Everyone pays the same amount and the teams are randomly allocated! 

Pack Lot: A break where you purchase a set amount of packs out of a box. You will recieve all the cards from the set amount of packs. A great break style that increases your chances of a big hit but usually come at a higher price.

How do I buy a spot in a break? 

Spots are sold via the Bounty Break Website at in the ‘Breaks’ section.

When are breaks listed?

Follow our facebook page and join our community to keep up to date with the next listings as there is always a few surprise breaks listed at the end of the week



Terms and Conditions:

What am I getting when I purchase a group break spot?

Purchasing a slot in a group break at Bounty Breaks does not mean you are getting the entire box or case of cards.  This is a group-break service where multiple people share the cost of a box, boxes, or case of cards.  It’s a service designed to allow you to buy a spot allowing you to receive all cards from the team you purchase, or the random team you are assigned or the pack amount you purchased

What happens if my team doesn’t have any autographs or memorabilia items in the break?

By purchasing a slot or team in a break you are acknowledging that you understand that there is no guarantee that you will receive any particular card(s) for the particular team.  You will always receive a team, or random team, or pack amount.

How do I know what cards I could get?

All breaks are completed first on live streaming broadcasts at no breaks are ever shown from recorded video. Boxes and cases are opened live and all activity is kept on screen so no funny business can go on behind the scenes. We will be seeing the cards pulled from each box at the same time you do! 

What if I want to buy in, but cannot be present for the break?

All live breaks will be recorded and posted to or after the break is complete. Feel free to watch the break later that day or whenever you have an opportunity. Either way, the cards will still show up in your mailbox!

How do I know your random process is fair?

All randomizations are completed on via the list randomizer.  Each random can be verified through the “validate random” button generated after each break with a timestamp! the random process is shown live on screen during the show

What happens if the card pulled has multiple players representing multiple teams?

Each team or player on the card will get 2 entries into the randomizer.

For example if the card contains a player from the METS and a player from the Dodgers then the team closest to the left or top will be entered first followed by the second team. this process will continue until each team is entered twice.

For this example the Mets are on the left of the card, it will be entered into the randomizer like this





Once names are put in the randomizer, the top name after a determined number of randomizations will receive the card.

How do you assign players with no professional team shown on the card?

Sometimes college or non-licensed cards do not list the city, or team name of a professional team on the card. In that case, we go with the team they are currently playing on when the product is released, or if retired, the team the player played the most years with! Not the team they last played for!   If we break a product months or years after the original release date we still assign the player to the team he was on at the time of release of that product.

How do you ship your cards?


We take pride in the speed and quality of our packaging and shipping! Anything of value including numbered cards, relics, autographs, Short Prints or just stuff that looks nice will be well protected with a penny sleeve, top loader and sealed in a team bag to protect the card from slipping out during delivery. Small orders will use bubble mailers and larger orders may arrive boxed. All large packages and special requests will have tracking.

Shipping for breaks and all open live items is consolidated and shipped every monday.

Shipping of The Steal and Hot Hand breaks will be consolidated with other breaks